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An international array of wines will be introduced by our instructor. Your instructor will skillfully mix knowledge of wine history, various wine regions, purchasing as well as cover insightful information on the wines being tasted… all while making it entertaining! At the end of our wine tasting event, your guest will be able to distinguish and identify their favourites. They will feel more confident in their tasting abilities and more comfortable selecting wines.

Our pop of fun will add elements your guest will least expect: grape stomping, regional dancing and taste wars! We play and create great experiences around wine!

Our wine tasting event is great for:

  • Conference break sessions or mixers

  • Team building

  • Alumni gatherings

  • Charitable events, Non-profits organizations, and professional association functions

Past Events


Wine by design

We hosted 25 guests for an interactive graphic design class and tutored tasting. Proving wine pairs well with anything- even teaching your team new skills.


Konekt Wine Tasting

Leading wine Tasting for a group of young professional seeking to learn more about wine.

ryerson logo.png

Ryerson guest lecture

Leading Ryerson’s Beverage Management class students were taught the principles of marketing wine.

Chanile delivered a fantastic guest speaking lecture at the Ted Rodgers School of Management. She was a great ease in front of a classroom, getting the class fully engaged and participating in the presentation. Her knowledge of the industry was well respected. She introduced fun activities that got everyone involved, and having the students better grasp how consumer behaviour impacts wine purchasing. Chanile covered a great deal of content at a pace readily absorbed and enjoyed. She would be a great addition to any classroom setting.
— Brian Heasman (

Tasting Themes


OPTION 1: Creating A Connoisseur

This is a great opportunity to introduce your guest to the fascinating and diverse world of wine. We cover all the basics from ‘how to taste wine like a professional’, different styles and grape varieties, all the major wine producing countries and how to understand those labels a little better.

A variety of mystery wines are served throughout the event with guests having an exciting wine tasting challenge to complete. The aim is to work out, using our highly unique and colorful wine tasting guides, the grape variety, country of origin and the price of the wine $5 or $15 or ?

Programme Outline:
–The Main Styles of wine
– How to Taste Wine
– Regional Discovery
– Pairing of Food and Wine


OPTION 2: The Tour

A walkabout format where our entertaining wine experts host a number of themed tasting stations. Themes can be tailored to you company and objectives, so for example, if you have clients in France, Spain and Italy, let’s theme the tastings that way!

Guests are free to sample, learn and enjoy at their leisure whilst networking and socialising at the same time. Our team are on-hand to engage with guests as much or as little as they like.

Our Network Tastings can include from 3 to 10 tasting stations specifically tailored to suit your event, budget and number of guests. This flexible approach means our Network Tastings have been used successfully for product launches, conferences, new office openings and networking events.


OPTION 3: The Wine Apprentice

A unique, innovative and social team-building challenge that sees each team learn how to taste wine properly, and then use their creative, marketing and teamwork skills to get their own, currently unidentified, wine to market.

This exercise starts with an engaging and light-hearted tutorial about how to taste wine properly, sufficient to impart enough knowledge to understand how to smell, taste and evaluate. Then each team has to taste and assess an unknown wine, write the tasting notes, design the label and identify a marketing strategy to present to the other groups.

As the challenge progresses, our staff will arm each team with other tasting samples for comparison (and to keep the creative juices flowing!), as well as wine labels for inspiration and current marketing ideas for guidance, as they work together to brand their wine. Our team are constantly on hand to gives tips and guidance, and after their time is up, each team takes it in turn with a 2 minute presentation of their new wine, all being scored by the other teams.

The experts score them on accuracy of their tasting notes. The combined scores reveal the winning team who are rewarded with champagne for their ‘hopefully’ innovative presentation. A fun way to develop key skills such as creativity, evaluation, comprehension, marketing, presentation and teamwork; all based around wine tasting!


OPTION 4: Wine Maker For A Day

A mix of “The Wine Apprentice” and creating your own wine! Learn the winemaker’s art while blending your own red wine. Group will then form teams to create and mix their own wine, form its business strategy and its label. At the end of the day, each group will present its wine a jury of the most creative and compelling way possible. The winning team will receive an exciting prize. Following the blending session, guests will take home a bottle of their blend that day with their own custom label.


OPTION 5: Over A Glass

We create authentic events for your guest to experience wine and various other passions. Our Over a Glass segment brings people together with interests beyond food and wine.


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